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Fall Adult Art School Schedule

This year for the 2023 Fall schedule I’ve arranged classes so there will be two choices to fit your budget.

Although I teach at some local community centres I find the classes I teach at my own studio the students learn and grasp more as the classes are truly semi private with only 2 or 3 students.

If you are passionate about art and want to find your path with a mentor type learning method these classes are for you.

All classes held at my place, 5649 Blenheim Street in Kerrisdale.

Please email me at  to register now

Children Art Class Schedule Basic Information

Weekday After School Classes

For those children passionate about art I have 2 options for after school classes during the week days

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

You can register your child as a PRIVATE STUDENT, meaning I see them one on one.


You can register your child as a SEMI-PRIVATE STUDENT that means the class will have 2 – 3 students.

I make all attempt to find age-appropriate students to join each other but some times that becomes too difficult so it becomes a decision to have your child come they may have to come as a private and pay a private fee.

Sometimes if sibling are close in age they can come together as semi-private students.


Sometimes the parents can arrange for friends to come together so they register as semi-private students

The Times For After School Classes
The earlier hour after school  3:30 – 4:30  is a 1 hour class and  I try to reserve for those children 5 – 6 The next hours after school    4:30 – 6:00  is a 1.5 hour class  for those children who are older *I am flexible about the times as much as I can to accommodate each child’s schedule Saturday My hours on Saturday are not as regulated and are filled based on the age and requirements of each child. To enquire about openings and fees please email me at