Georgia Youngs Art

During the pandemic in 2019, Georgia started to replicate, simply for the joy of it, paintings by the old masters, including paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, the Group of Seven, and Tom Thomson. It took Da Vinci four years to paint the Mona Lisa as he was developing new techniques and mixing colours. It took Georgia three months to capture all that he learned over those four years. She says she has never spent so long on any painting.

She didn’t expect such a positive reaction when others saw her efforts. She was simply doing them for herself but was delighted to know clients wanted to buy them. Like the originals, these one-of-a kind replicas are a chance to own an old masters piece that might even fool an art critic. The name of the original artist, the title of the painting, the year if was painted, as well as the year it was painted by Georgia are all clearly noted on the back of each painting. They can be purchased unframed or professionally framed using 2.5 inch wide rich dark wood frames with linen liners that add to the antique look of each painting. For additional information, please contact Georgia at 604-669-3799 or email

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