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Art Cards

For businesses or individuals

 I have two opportunities you can chose from, Group A or B. 

 For either group you can select from the 20 paintings I’ve chosen for you from my portfolio.  

Group A

These cards have an actual photo of my original painting on the cover of the card.  The cards are textured acid free card stock.   You can mix and match images.  See samples above to chose from.

Price is $25 per pkg of 4  (incl tx)  including envelopes  Plus S and H.

To avoid any delay, please note a four-week notice is required.

Group B

In collaboration with Opus Print Space, I am offering these art cards.  The card stock is acid free and the images are embedded or printed on the cover of the card, looking almost like a giclee. Only one image can be chosen for all 25 cards. See samples above to chose from. Where else can you find a high-quality art card for only $7.80 ea.


Price is $195 (incl tx) for 25 art cards including envelopes Plus S and H.

To avoid any delay, please note a six-week notice is required.

Contact me and let’s produce something you will be proud to send to clients, family and friends, especially for those special occasions. The added bonus is that they  or you can frame the image for a delightful little picture for that small nook in your home.

To order:   E-mail me at