Georgia Youngs Art
Event Planning

Over the years, Georgia has been successfully involved in a number of interesting projects. It came as no shock to anyone that she had a talent for coordinating and negotiating. She had been doing it all her life starting when she was teen working as a playground leader. Her business savvy came from being one who learns from her mistakes and tries not to repeat them. Her skills and talents became well honed and she found she loved the challenge of start up businesses and projects.

Georgia can help you with a small business venture, from start to finish by working with you to develop a creative idea, helping you market it, helping you research venues, showing you how to target clients and sponsors, teaching you how to negotiate with trades and most importantly help you increase sales and/or market share.


Here is a list of some of her successful experiences:

Contact Georgia to see how she can help you! First phone call is free. To contact Georgia, call (604) 669-3799 or email: