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Homes and Gardens

I currently live in a neighborhood that has an abundance of lovely old character homes. But as a lot of neighborhoods that have an abundance of old prewar and post war homes it is going through a transition. Not only are the homes being lost but so are the gardens as the homes are torn down and replaced with huge modern style homes that take up the whole lot or worse become part of a land assembly that involves many lots and so a much larger building is put up i.e 6 story condo or apartment building. Unfortunately it is the way of the future as we try and bring more families into a neighborhood. I understand this yet lament the loss of the old style single homes with space for children to explore and play. Which brings me to why I am taking photos of some of these old homes and their surrounding gardens. I photograph them as they are surrounded by their lush garden so I can go back to my studio and paint them, in an effort to capture the nostalgia of times past. These paintings are meant to reflect the memories we all may have of our lost neighborhoods and gardens. What better way to remember than through a cherished painting that can hang on your wall forever.
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