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Giclée Prints
What is a Giclée Print?

Giclée is a relatively new word used in the art community, ultimately derived from the French word gicleur, coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made using inkjet printers. The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on a modified Iris printer in a process invented in the late 1980s. 

Simply put, a Giclee is a fine art print, created by using a specialized high resolution inkjet printer. Yes, a Giclee is in fact an “art print”, but Giclee prints stand apart with their extremely high level of quality, longevity and value compared to a standard print.

One of the main reasons giclee prints are expensive is the cost of the materials used in the printing process. Giclee printers use high-quality, archival-grade inks and papers to produce images that will last for decades without fading or yellowing. Artists not wanting to produce large quantities of ‘prints’ will select this process, thereby keeping to an extremely limited production that has high quality in tone and colour.

As an artist, my choice of medium is acrylic on canvas. I typically paint from photographs  taken around my home, in my gardens and throughout my neighborhood. I have printed a limited number of beautiful, high quality Giclée prints that were carefully chosen from those paintings most favoured by clients and friends.

All Giclée prints are being offered at 70’s Prices at $35 ea.  S&H extra.

They are printed on 8.5 x 11- inch acid free paper.

Once you receive your exclusive, carefully selected Giclée print I hope you will find a great frame for it to grace yours or a loved one’s home, bringing joy to you and your family for years to come.  See a sample of one of the prints framed.  Unfortunately, I can not send framed prints due to the cost and possibility of damage

Still…..Another opportunity

You may also find one of my paintings (sold or still open to purchase) that you love but is beyond your budget and wonder if you could have a Giclee made of it.   The answer yes.  You can have a Giclee made of it in a size and price that does suit you.  Just contact me and we can discuss this and all possibilities.

When you are ready to purchase, contact me at: