Georgia Youngs Art

If you are entertaining the idea of opening a gallery or craft store, you have already taken the first step by reading this web site.

Georgia has strong background in the art industry as a successful artist, a previous owner of five galleries, a sought-after instructor, an effective motivational speaker and a supportive and beneficial agent and consultant.

How can she help you? Georgia will help you focus on establishing a comprehensive management and creative marketing plan. She will give you the tools to help you network effectively. She will, in two words … help you!

Using her well-developed interpersonal skills and keen sense of business, Georgia has accumulated years of experience and information on how to establish and run an art gallery as a successful business.

Georgia can assist you in:
Your next step is to contact Georgia and ask for a personal consultation. Contact Georgia at (604) 669-3799 or email:

Survival Tip!

Pick up designer magazines and take notice of wall colours and types of paintings being hung. This will give you an idea of what your clients want in their homes. Let the designers do the home work as to what will sell.