Georgia Youngs Art
How to market your artwork

Georgia has a strong background in the art industry as a successful artist, a previous owner of five galleries, a sought-after instructor, an effective motivational speaker and a beneficial agent and consultant.

As a gallery owner, Georgia dealt with many aspiring artists looking for representation. She found very few came with a presentation portfolio and even fewer knew how the business side of the art world operated.

How can she help you? She can help you by establishing a focused portfolio. She can help you develop a creative marketing plan. She can give you the tools to help you network effectively. She will in two words… help you.

One on One

Georgia started a consulting business to reach artists who were trying to market themselves but had little expertise in the area and didn’t know where to start. She will meet with you at your home, and in a 2 hour consultation will critique your work, help you evaluate the effectiveness of your past efforts in marketing and provide you with a personalized format for you to follow which will improve your sales.

For more information or book an inspiring consultation on marketing and promotion.
Basic fee is $175 for 2 hours based on $75/hr plus traveling expenses

Contact Georgia at (604) 669-3799 or email:

“Georgia Simplified my portfolio into a more effective marketing tool for showing my art work. I have followed her ideas on marketing and planning my most recent art show. I would positively recommend a consultation with Georgia to anyone interested in developing a deeper focus in their artistic evolution.”
~ Cassandra Russell, artist 10/28/02

Group Lectures and Seminars

Georgia realized that most art institutions taught their students well in the art of how to be creative but did little in the area of offering information on marketing and promotion. In an effort to reach young artists before they graduated Georgia successfully approached art institutions. She developed an in-depth lecture that offered students the skills and knowledge in order to market themselves and the necessary steps needed before approaching galleries.

To reach those more mature artists who had little or no promotional skills Georgia approached art groups, delivering entertaining yet informative seminars.

For more information or book an informative lecture or seminar on marketing and promotion. Basic fee is $250 for 2 hours plus travelling expenses.

Contact Georgia at (604) 669-3799 or email:

“How to Succeed in the Art Market”

To further her efforts to help others in the art industry Georgia has put together a compilation of her experiences and knowledge in a book titled “How to Succeed in the Art Market”. The book was designed for artists to gain insight into how to better their careers. But those who are entertaining the thought of opening a gallery will find this book just as valuable. It covers a wide base of information i.e. basic marketing ploys, how to research possible venues for your work, how to write a press release, easy to follow steps in how to apply for a grant, a list of available grants and even has information on how to evaluate your own work.

Cost of the book is $100 (including GST and Shipping).

For more information on how to purchase this ‘must have’ 45 pg book, “How to Succeed in the Art Market”, contact Georgia at (604) 669-3799 or email:

Survival Tip!
Be brutally honest with yourself as to what you want to achieve. You have to find your passion and figure out how it will make you money and keep you happy at the same time.