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I have taught adult art classes for years, at colleges, public galleries, private schools, churches, community centers and my many personal art schools. Just about anywhere I’ve been sought after to teach at. I love to teach! Probably driven to do so more than painting. I know there many people who would love to draw and paint but are terrified they will not succeed. My talent lies in making each person who comes to one of my classes feel that they can achieve something they will be proud of. It is likely why my ability to teach has been spread by word of mouth making my classes full. People love my classes and in fact I’ve some students who I now have been teaching for over 15 years. I feel though they really are no longer students but artists who I now mentor. I still love the thrill though of a new student who comes with all their questions and doubts, and I get to watch them blossom into fledgling artists.

I am now teaching mainly from my home studio as I love the smaller numbers of students (3 – 4)  as I can really give more attention to each student in the 2.5 hours. I wondered at first if the smaller classes would work, as most want to take a class for socialization but they found they still get that plus, as I knew they would, their art skills soared.  Classes can be mixed with beginner and advanced students, as I feel we can all learn from each other.  The blend of the beginner’s curiosity and desire mixed with the advanced student’s confidence and support makes for a wonderful class.

Recently I have gone back to teaching at a community centre realizing I wanted to reach more people again.  So now I can offer classes to those with budgetary constraints but still want to learn how to paint or draw.

I love the following quote I came across when I was reading the book the Forest Lover, which is about Emily Carr.  I feel it opens an interesting dialogue about art and how you learn to paint and draw.

Art isn’t reproducing visual facts.
It’s the difference between perception and conception

Perception: 1.  the act of perceiving. 2. intuitive recognition or appreciation; insight

Conception: 1. the act of conceiving (to imagine) 2. a concept (general notion or idea).  3. origination: beginning

* Quote taken from the book The Forest Lover by Susan Vreeland (a book about Emily Carr)

Adult classes run from Monday to Friday. The times are 9:30 – 12 and 12:30 – 3:00 I hope to hear from you soon as I welcome all enquiries.  So please don’t hesitate to contact me about classes at my home studio or those at the community centre at