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Georgia’s 2024 Spring Update

Hello Spring 🌸

Wow, can we just start with Vancouver’s weather forecast for the rest of the week? Are we really hitting 17 degrees and sunshine in the middle of March?! 😱 I’m certainly not complaining but it sure is going to make for a dry environment this spring/summer…😣 Let’s hope we still get a bit of rain for the sake of our gardens!

On that note – SPRING IS UPON US 😁 And I hope you’re all entering the season with positivity, in good health and in good spirits. I’ve been keeping quite busy with my regular art classes at my home studio, plus the Dunbar Community Centre classes, PLUS seeking new opportunities for workshops/exhibitions…and still working out the kinks for these new products I’d love to be able to launch this year. On top of everything, trying to keep my creative juices flowing with new projects and pieces, but finding the balance between business and creativity is always a challenge. Never a dull moment around here, but c’est la vie and we roll with the punches!

So here’s a look at another busy season coming up, and I hope you’ll be able to take part in some of the action with me:

 The Federation’s Online Gallery
 for the 2024 AIR Exhibition

Excited to share that one of my Chinese Lantern pieces was chosen for the virtual/online gallery at the Federation’s 2024 AIR Exhibition and will be displayed/available for purchase HERE

You can filter by artist name “Georgia” in the top left corner to view my piece, and feel free to share the link with friends! I would love to see this one go to a lovely permanent home as my last Chinese Lanterns painting did, and through the Federation Gallery as well! 😊

Chinese Lanterns 20 x 24 $1200 - Copy

Spring Art Class Schedule

Art classes don’t stop around here! And I’m really looking forward to a fun spring season with all my current and past students, but hopefully some new faces as well. If you’ve never taken my classes before, now’s the time to give it a try! I’ve got openings for adult and youth classes at my home studio, but I’ll also be teaching at the Dunbar Community Centre again! Lots of options for days and times to fit your schedule. Email me HERE if you have any questions or are looking for a specific class you don’t see. And for my Dunbar classes – visit these links for:



We’ve had so much fun this past season in all my classes and I’m excited to guide everyone through some new projects in the coming months. Here’s some photos of my Dunbar classes – copying the work of Tom Thomson’s landscapes. Fun fact – the best way to learn as an art student is often by copying as the composition, colour, technique, etc. are all there and you get to really visit each component/skill of painting through copying!

And here’s the full spring schedule:

Spring Adult Classes

I’ll keep it short and sweet by signing off for now! More to come as always, but hope to see you all soon, whether it’s virtually through my online/social media channels, or in person at my studio and classes. Love staying connected with you all. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any and all things art!

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the sunny weekend 😎☀️



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