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Summer News, Show & Sale!

Happy Summer Friends! Although, I must say, the weather in Vancouver has been a little strange for
mid-July. Hard to believe that around this time last year we were experiencing a heat wave and a ton of
forest fires all across BC! Grateful that’s not the case this year, but a little more sunshine would be nice.

That being said, it’s been a busy start to the summer with lots going on! Enjoyed a long-overdue
vacation last month in my hometown of Toronto where the weather was a little warmer than here
(maybe a little too warm on some days!), and enjoyed a mix of all kinds of activities there – from a
nurse’s reunion, to some relaxing beach days with old friends, a visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario…even
tried a pottery class for the first time, which I absolutely loved. Overall, a great trip! Not sure when I’ll
be back but happy I took this opportunity to visit my old stomping grounds


So what else has been keeping me busy? Well, I jumped right back into summer art classes with my students, lots of them outdoors (when the weather cooperates), and have even been painting outdoors a little bit myself. It can be a tricky thing, painting outdoors where you’re at the mercy of nature and its elements, but when the sun hits just right and at the perfect time, the lighting can really make for a beautiful outdoor painting experience. I actually shared some of my outdoor work recently on my social media channels and was thrilled to be featured by Opus Art Supplies in their online gallery for their #PleinAirChallenge! Check out the full gallery/article – here.

Even won a little gift card to get some new supplies (thanks Opus!). If you’ve never tried painting outdoors I recommend giving it a try. It can be very inspiring to surround yourself in nature while getting creative.