Georgia Youngs Art

Georgia’s Annual Holiday Show & Sale

Wow, can you believe the holidays are around the corner already? Where did time go?! 🤯 It’s been an eventful year to say the least, and I’m excited to wrap things up and celebrate with all of you at my… Annual Holiday Show & Sale!

Georgia 2023 Update, June

Just like that we are halfway through the year! And summer certainly crept up on us early with all the sunshine we’ve been getting. Hope you’re all enjoying it while it lasts!

Georgia 2023 Update, February

Hope you’re all having a great start to 2023. One month down already, 11 more to go. And I’m ready for it! Well, sort of…

What’s In Store for Winter!

Can you believe we are closing out 2022 already? What a year it’s been. I’m sure you’ve all been just as busy as I have the past couple of months, but the fun doesn’t stop does it?

Things are FALL-ing Into Place

Well that was fast! Not sure how the rest of you felt, but I blinked and summer was over. On the bright side, we’re still getting some fall sunshine in Vancouver…

Summer News, Show & Sale!

Happy Summer Friends! Although, I must say, the weather in Vancouver has been a little strange for mid-July.

Georgia’s Spring Update

Hope you’re all enjoying this strange, but pleasantly surprising, weather we’ve been having. Calling for rain one minute, bursts of sunshine the next – welcome to Vancouver!

Family Day Weekend

Happy Family Day Weekend everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day and enjoying time with your loved ones. I am so excited to be updating this new section of my website where I’ll be able to share updates with all of you on the fun things I have planned for the year.

Secret Garden Tea Company

In January 2022, I was invited to install a series of my flower paintings at Vancouver’s Secret Tea Garden in Kerrisdale. Many are recent works. The paintings will hang until the early spring and are for sale.